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Here’s Your One Chance Fancy

For the most part, I have to be inspired to post.  I do not like to force creativity because when I do, I’m never satisfied.  Well, I am quite satisfied with how things turned out today (whee!)

First came the new hair from Fri.day, Scarlett.  This mussed up-do frames the face magnificently and you can get it either half up or mostly up from behind.  I prefer the mostly up version as there are tender tendrils left hanging to soften it.

Then I saw that Surf Co. had new wedges and when I went over to sample I was surprised by this new dress!  Beautifully done with shadow and multiple prims.  The skirt also attaches to both legs and I don’t know if this was on purpose, but it looks perfect while sitting.  I got it in pale blue to coordinate with my red hair.

The image I was trying to construct was of a rural farm girl; quiet and introverted whose head is always in the clouds.  She’s got big dreams that takes her away from her prairie town.  On early spring days like these, she takes long walks in the fields, watching the grass and weeds grow before it’s time to plow.  She’ll fiddle with her mother’s pearl necklace around her neck and imagine the day when she will pack her suitcase and move away to find adventure in the world.

It’s a little outdated, I know.  These types of things only come from Steinbeck novels, but I was reminded of the song by Reba McEntire about an eighteen-year-old put out of her impoverished home by a mother who only wanted the best for her.  That song has always stuck around with me, now twenty years later.


[ATOMIC] Skin Winter_Porcelain – Spice Cookie

(Caroline’s) Graduated White Pearl Necklace (copy)

**DP**yumyum Shoes ———- Flattie Tiltil

[SC] Surf Couture – Sway Sundress – Robin’s Egg

fri. – Scarlett – Passionate Red


Rural Charm in the Country

Yesterday was the high for the year.  A whopping 72 degrees and sunny and though it wasn’t officially spring, I welcomed the warm weather whole heartedly by wearing a floral skirt and tank top.  Nothing is sprouting yet, but it’s easy to carry that enthusiasm for the coming verdure into Second Life and find a place that is already teeming with life.

The outfit for today is inspired by the country, particularly country music.  I don’t listen to popular country; I appreciate more folk country and bluegrass.  I pictured what a new, up-and-coming country star with a deep lilt and indie charm would look like and wear.  She would embrace modernity, but love traditional pieces from both her mother’s and father’s closets.

Girl Next Farmhouse Door

What you’ll find in the country:

:GP: Petal [Light] Winter-Cashmere 1 [for that sweet looking yet beautiful complexion]

fri. – Jasmine – Anxious Blond [because you go blonde for country]

*JC* STEAM PUNK necklace [rustic charm that goes well with the patched jean skirt]

Armidi – Sheer Ribbed Tank Top – Blue 1 [I love that the bright blue sets off the gray of the vest and brings out the blue in the skirt]

fri. – Halter Vest (Gray) –  Jacket [that traditional piece that I wanted to dress up the otherwise very casual ensemble]

*League Frayed in Blue (skirt) [something eclectic and interesting that imbues that spirit that lies in the country that says that everything old and worn can be kept and remembered in something new]

EarthStones Destiny Bridal Set – Platinum (my wedding ring)

Photo taken on Vague

Good Time

So this song has been stuck in my head for a few weeks now.  It’s by the Brazilian Girls and I heard it while clubbing one night.  Even with the overwhelming base line beating my brain cells from the gigantic floor speakers, I recognized the fun, laissez-faire humor of this single and instantly fell in love with it.  I later got the album, “New York City,” and have enjoyed playing it over and over again.

Some people go ooh, quoi quoi, they go qui
Some people have nothing and want nothing and are free
Some people want to burn the world with their greed
We just want to have a good time

The message is simple: do what you want, but I’m here to have fun.  This basically nutshells my life at the moment.  So with that in mind, I became inspired to reenact the Brazilian Girl video for “Good Time” by hoping on my bike, going to the park, and rocking my indie duds.

We just want to have a good time all the time

We just want to have a good time all the time

The lead singer of the band, Sabina Sciubba, is eccentric and pushes the limit of fashion while showing a lot of leg at the same time.  She’s a Continental sophisticate who incorporates the unconventional in her work, which is one of the reasons why the band is so successful in the house industry.

My Sabina impression includes:

The new Blondie Glow skin from Laqroki.  I loved #8 at first glance, what with its smooth complexion and perfectly salmon colored lips, the only hard decision was whether I wanted it in milky or peach skin tone (I went for the paler milky after some deep soul searching, heehee)

VintageWear‘s pushed and shoved has such wonderful textures and suits the skin beautifully.  I got every color and chose the chestnut shade because it resembles my inspirations.  I’m also wearing the necklace they preview at the Horst store, The Mixed Tape.

The dress is from Pink Outfitters.  The Izzy Ruffle dress in winter mint showcases Sciubba’s style; a modern cut with structure and plenty of skin shining through.  I put on a yellow tank from Armidi underneath just to give it a little more color.  The yellow matches my banana pumps from Shiny Things, but you can’t see that in this picture 😛

My jewelry is eclectic and is as follows: besides the already mentioned necklace, I’ve got on Glass Chunk bracelet from Shiny Things and SD Wears‘ Lick Me candy bracelet (I wanted a touch more color).  I’m also wearing two rings; Kawaii Jelly‘s red butterfly and Redgrave‘s big sapphire.  Also from Redgrave are my earrings.

Patchouli On My Mind

I wanted to make an outfit of some new things I’ve bought lately, namely the blouse from Zaara, the jacket from Pink Outfitters and the wide leg jeans from FTV.

A Day on the Town

A Day on the Town

After my vacation in the Caribbean, I had a wicked tan and I love how white shirts just let your sun kissed skin pop.  I am also glad that I got some wide leg jeans… which is a staple of my RL wardrobe, but now that many designers are incorporating the wide leg into their collections, I finally have some options for SL.

I wore this as I was catching up with all the new releases that came out while I was away.  It was more put together and civilized then my tropical wardrobe, but it kept some influences of the bohemian; namely the khaki jacket, the leather peeps and my SLink jewelry.

Something new:

Skin is MAI‘s Mia skin in midday.

Hair is Maitreya‘s Piper II in coffee.  I obviously had to die my hair this rich brown after the tropical sun bleached it out 😉

Blouse by Zaara.  The Isis blouse is going to become my new favorite, I just know it.  I have always loved this collar and I bought the neutral pack (wearing the white version)

Pink Outfitter‘s Rosalie blazer in wood forest green protects me from the chilly April air.  I’m so tired of the cold and it would be really nice to get out of the 50s (Fahrenheit)!

Jeans are from Frozen Turquoise Valentine (FTV).  Not a bad texturing job and I like the four sculptie attachments (two for each leg) which gives it a genuine appeal.

And something not so new…

Accessories included Gisaci’s Fi Umo sunglasses, SLink’s wood and amber jewellry, and ICoN’s biege enamel bag.

Shoes are Maitreya’s Frenzy in Bordeaux

Wishes Won’t (Acid) Wash Dishes

People will be seeing my acid wash, skinny jeans a lot this season.  The 80s are coming back with avengence; day glo, hightops, and now the acid wash.  I’m all for these returns so long as people chose to wear a modernized version, otherwise they risk looking dated, not edgy.

Acid Casual

Acid Casual

I haven’t yet broadened my vision and accepted any other acid wash color that isn’t gray.  The pair I got from Fab Pony came with a green pair which I haven’t touched.  Like I said, I don’t want to date myself, so instead of big, blonde hair (which was huge in the 80s), I kept a natural, warm brown; I believe this and my gray combo shirt and sweater give my look an up to date and trendy appearance.

Always hot in…

Maitreya‘s Apple hair in chocolate…

Redgrave‘s pale Leona in gold (it is spring after all, and though this is the pale version of Leona, the warmer makeup gives it a summery, bronzed complexion)…

MichaMi‘s cardie (part of the Carmela outfit, which goes just as wonderfully as separates as it does as a finished business ensemble)…

Armidi‘s sheer-ribbed tank in dark grey…

Tesla‘s fur vixen pumps (a bit of flair for this otherwise monotone assemblage)…

… and accessories from Shiny Things’ and ::B@R::

Is it Spring Yet?

Where I live, the weather has gone from freezing to flirty and I have been taken so aback at the transformation.  The grass is growing and some of the underbrush around my abode is starting to sprout green.  I even have sandals on and I almost forgot how it feels to have the breeze on my toes. Is spring officially here?  Well… no, not officially; tomorrow at sunset marks the official start to spring, but technically… yes, very much so.


I’m glad, because I am ready for some bright colors and highlighted tresses.  (Feels the wind on her bare legs, shrieks, and then runs to the drugstore to pick up Veet)

A Meadow Lark

A Meadow Lark

This spring won’t be about muted or warm, but bright and punchy.  It was a long, hard winter and now we should be looking to cheer ourselves up with yellows and greens.  Faces will be fresh, hair will be light, and accessories abound.

Stopping for the Roses

Stopping for the Roses

I am ready to enjoy nature once more… spring is in!

Spring Style

Spring Style


Milk Motion‘s Alice skin with freckles.  Nothing says natural more than a nicely tanned, freckle face.

This glorious mane is the aptly named Spring Breeze from Junwave.  I can’t quite see anything else so perfectly meant for a lovely spring day than this beautiful hair in light brown.  And to add more to its perfection, I have put in a tropical flower, provided by Artilleri (from the Charlotte dress outfit).

The dress I wore also in fall, but it luckily has two tops and I had yet to where the sleeveless version!  The tiered, strawberry dress from Couverture flows marvelously as the air wafts through it.

To keep it comfortable, I slipped on some Kelly flats from Shiny Things.  When you’re taking a walk through fresh growth, forget the heels and get as close to the earth as you can.

The necklace is the Journey Circle I got back when (luc) was Earthtones and the bangle is Persona‘s crack-metal… all in gold by the way.