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These are a few of my favorite things…

Right off the bat, I want to tell you that nothing funky or new was found for this post.  I wanted to do an article that was very close and personal to me.  I wanted to say something about myself that I wouldn’t otherwise say and thus show you all a side of Maev Ceawlin that few get to know.  And that is I am a huge formal junkie.  The first dress I bought in Second Life was a ball gown, the first hair I bought a romantic up do, and one the first places I searched for upon rezzing (which will be three years ago Saturday) was a ballroom.  I love to dance and it is one of the ways I meet people (it was how I met my fiancé).

So I wanted to share with you some of my favorite looks and gowns.  I am always looking for the next best thing, and my aesthetic has always been (and will always be) simple, graceful, romantic, and natural.  The same skins I wear for casual wear are invariably the same skins I use when in formal attire.  To dress them up, I change lashes to something more full and dramatic (hint, hint).  Shoes aren’t in this post, because they are usually hidden by the long gowns, but when dancing, the skirt often reveals the footwear so here is some advice:  get open-toed heels in at least two colors, black and white; while pumps are okay, they aren’t dressy enough.  Keep it simple; a ball gown is supposed to be about accentuating the waist, bosom, and visage, not your feet so always match as close as you can to your gown and please, no bling.

I guess it’s the little girl still within me that loved to play dress up, put on mama’s jewels, put some Vivaldi on, and dance around the living room with my biggest teddy bear, but I can never resist the urge to slip into something silky and exquisite, go to the more popular ballrooms and dance the night away.  I recommend the indulgence, even if you don’t like to dance; what better way is there to see what everyone else is wearing! XD

SySy’s is a top priority for me when it comes to gowns.  I subscribe to the updates and own at least a half-dozen of SySy Chapman’s gowns.  They are classy and well made.  I am a woman who, above all else, prizes versatility and economy, so Redgrave‘s pale Jennifer skin in smoky is a staple of mine.  The dramatic eye and pale lips go with everything in my wardrobe, and the ample cleavage provides the sex appeal where the dress demands it.  Aden‘s Suri hair goes perfectly with its flirty and romantic curves.

With Spanish flair, this gorgeous gown is from Son!a.  I saw this on another dancer at a ballroom I frequent and had to have it  The lace is beautifully done (with options that allow it to be opaque or see-through for those more brazen), the color rich and the applique detail at the bottom very graphic and modern.  League‘s Misty skin is just as detailed as Redgrave’s, but you get different cleavage options.  I enjoy how bright this skin is and its refinement.  The style of my hair has seen a trend recently, and that is that it usually has something to do with Truth Hawk’s ever-growing collection of delicately coiffed dos.  Here I am wearing Rosa, an àpropos title for an up do that comes with three different colored roses that you can interchange to match your outfit.  This picture doesn’t do them justice, they. are. gorgeous.  The attention to detail is absolutely, completely, and masterfully crafted.  I want a whole dress just out of the roses, heeheehee.

I told you I keep it simple, lol.  This SySy Chapman gown is as basic as they come; a rich velvety brown that drapes off one shoulder.  But how many times have I gone to the dance halls and all I saw was red, pink, and boobs?  Brown might be earthy, it might be neutral, but it stands out in a sea of color.  I always pair this dress up with Maitreya hair, because both are realistically made and go well.  I’m using the dramatic lip option that Curio skins come with, which is a blessing, because I would never buy them on my own.

Another important dressmaker that I have visited for years is Nicky Ree.  This woman has always put out a stunning gown and she’s been one the best in the business forever and a day (SL time).  This gown I’ve had for almost two years (I just realized that number and gasped; I had no idea I was that old lol) and I love the rich brown, but also the fun stripes in the top that make this unique.  Atomic‘s winter skins have been good to me this season; I love the shading on the cheek and the brows are the perfect shape for my face.  Fri.day‘s Quinn makes an appearance in this blog, being the more styled long length in my inventory.  The color and delicateness goes wonderfully with the skin and gown.

Kungler’s is relatively new on my list, and this is the only dress I’ve bought from there so far, but I am very impressed by their elegance.  This is actually a more avant-garde piece; with these almost wreath-like wrappings going down the back and up around the front of the dress, but I think the colors are amazing.  The wine tulle is brought out even more by the taupes and blue-greens of the straps.  To me this dress is very earthy and so I usually wear leaf earrings and a more natural hair style (in this case Maitreya’s Dylan in almond)

This gown is new to me and it’s from Skin Flicks, purveyors of fine formal and semi-formal wear.  I love the draping and light lavender color of this dress.  I feel pretty and ethereal when wearing it.  Going with that idea, I used a loosely gathered hairstyle from Fri.day, Jasmine2.  Tendrils frame and cover my face just as romantically as the dress drapes my body.

If you noticed, I started out dark, with the deep tones of passion and sensuality.  We end here with lighter shades of romance, bringing elegance and discernment to the forefront.  This dress is one of the few in my closet that comes from the same designer that I get my haute couture.  I must say that Lelutka has crafted a piece of the highest quality in this gown.  It’s just drooling with sophistication and realism from the sash around the waist to the structured bodice.  If I want to make a statement to all those I come across in the dance halls, I wear this beauty.  I usually wear Lamb!‘s bumped ponytail because for me it equals the simple splendor of the gown.

And there you have it!  My secret pastime is exposed!  Though I can’t say I didn’t enjoy immensely this article.  My jewelry choices here were from Luc (formerly Earthtones when I bought them) and I didn’t vary from this because I usually don’t vary in real SL.  I like jewelry to be complementary, not the focus, so I make them small accents in my ensemble (another good hint).


Vixen Files

Talk about going from cute to sexy in four hours!  Last night, I was checking out what was new at Lamb (post about that later), when I got caught up in the Designers United event.  Really laggy, even with my mere 576 ARC (please people, you can still look great AND be considerate to others) but most everything was a steal if not free and were of impeccable quality.  The crow theme?  Unbelievably genius!  After that I swung by LeLutka to grab a demo for their new Eclat skin.  Wasn’t even looking to buy, but O.M.G… had to break my piggy bank and snag some of that right there and then!

All Business

I have to admit that the skins I typically buy have more natural makeups.  Sure, when I try demos on I often love the deeper lipsticks and the colored lids, but when it comes time to click and pay, I opt for neutral shades.  This time I was at that same place: do I get the bolder color or do I stick to the middle of the road?  Well I went for it peoples.  I figured: it’s LELUTKA, if you can’t be daring with a design so couture, when can you be?  I went bright red and I never went back.

So for today’s outfits took a formal approach with more texture, unique accouterments, and less saturation to let the skin and makeup standout.

Both have on…


[LeLutka] – Cleavage Volumizer A(PALE)

Eyes Leona -SageGreen- *REDGRAVE*

*Beauty Avatar* REGINA – Eyelashes 03


Left Ensemble…

fri. – Kate – Melancholy White

!Ohmai : FeatherCardigan WHITECROW

*Miss 80s* CROW QUEEN necklace

[LeLutka]-OLIMPIA pants/black

Right Ensemble…

MMShair-O’HARA – Charcoal

Zaara : Isis Shirt {pitch}

p.c. Black Pearl Drops Earrings

(Milk Motion) My feather necklace

* Baiastice_Regalwool pant-black

BAX Ankle Boots Black Patent (ji)

Autumn Leaves Start to Fall

This week has been less about fashion and more about socializing for me in Second Life.  I have casually been shopping some new stores, but for the most part I’ve been hanging with friends and exploring.

Looking this casual is hard work.

Looking this casual is hard work.

These two looks are very different but share commonalities.  One is rural while the other is urban.  One is modern while the other is traditional.  But both are cute and comfortable with flats that keep my feetsies warm in the cooling weather and thick pants for lovely days in the fall weather.  They are multipurpose outfits, perfect for this week when I was all over the grid.

Both have on…

[PF] Skye <Milk> – Beestung  (dkbrow)  <— Has a rosy cheek perfect for outdoor apparel

Eyes Leona -SageGreen- *REDGRAVE*

*Beauty Avatar* REGINA – Eyelashes 03

Lefty is wearing…

fri. – Kate – Timid Brown  <— Gotta love Fri.Day releases

Intrigue Co. – Love Love Love (black) shirt <—- offers a hint of color that sets off this other wise monotone ensemble

MichaMi: Carmela Cardie in Black

Schadenfreude Pearl necklace with cameo <—- I love mixing old and new, so a cameo on a multicolor pearl strand is perfect for making this contemporary outfit more eclectic.

MichaMi: Carmela Belt in Black <— Shiny patent belt adds interest without standing out and becoming the focal point.

{SMS} Shiny Denim Black  <—- They’re supposed to be denim, but I swear that they look so much like leather.  This adds contrast to my other cotton textures that again adds “zazz.”

*AuMa* *KNITTED Boot’s GRAY*

Righty has on…

fri. – Rashelle – Passionate Red

*ARGRACE* COAT ” Traveler”  (Rose) Lady <— an amazing job.  I love how versatile and realistic this jacket looks.  And it comes with optional sweater underneath (wearing)

:::Sn@tch Cashmere Scarf:::

(Ducknipple) Barks – Brown  <— I have always loved plaid pants.  They are a perfect alternative to jeans.


(poses by Fri.Day)

Sascha’s Designs

I got the chance to experience Sascha Frangilli of Sascha’s Designs’ newest creation, Malicious, and I must say, that such a name for this dress is apropos.  Wearing this is malicious… to other people who cannot come close to competing, 🙂

Midnight Affair

Midnight Affair

Not only is it gorgeous, and classy, and opulent, it is extremely versatile.  With no less than ten color variations, two tops, three chest attachments and six different skirts (with available train), there is little chance of two people going to a party in the same outfit.  The beading is exquisite and the colored silk is iridescent and dynamic.  This is definitely one of the times were I felt like I was over the top and it felt great.

And the response has been phenomenal.  I turn quite a lot of heads and elicit praise every time I have donned one of the versions and strutted it.

Palette Opulente

Palette Opulente

With just one purchase, someone can satisfy their formal needs for several occasions.  In fact, I love all the oppurtunities I have with this gown so much, that I have gone beyond one dress and mix-n-matched different hues.  For my Christmas greeting cards this year, I’ll definitely be putting some of the excelent complementary draping Sascha has provided to theme the green or red dress.  Truly, the quality and detail put into this gown will flatter any polished fashionista and needs to be seriously considered the next time they need to be seen.

Accessorized with…

ETD hair;  all in the “Elika’s brown” shade

… 10 Pale Skin -Jennifer- / smoky1 *REDGRAVE*

… Cake – Bedroom Lashes – Tintable

… Jewelry by Muse and Redgrave

… Shoes by J’s

… and Quinn Donogal, my male model.  He is wearing:

Uw.St  Hibiki-Hair  brown wolf (Uncleweb Studio)
Belleza– Johan Pale 0
LOOKR ~ Form (Men) ~ Shirt ~ Black
LOOKR ~ Form ~ Blazer ~ Black ~ Rainstripe
LOOKR ~ Form (Men) ~ Tie ~ Black
Armidi – Classic Slax – Charcoal
*REDGRAVE* STRAP-Loafers -Black-

Review: Fab.Pony

I haven’t been feeling that inspired lately, which then makes me feel guilty for letting time drag on without anything new to post, but then if I just force something it never comes out good, so then I justify my inactivity by waiting for something to come around.

Well, the wait is over.

Tatianna Faulkes, designer for Fab.pony, has released her first line of swimwear and may I say that it is a lovely collection that will surely interest a plethora of tastes from cute and classic to divalicious.  I myself got to choose my favorite and out of the many styles there was only one that whet my whistle…

Queen of the Desert

Queen of the Desert

This surely must be one of the most fashion forward designs of the season.  A mixture of what’s old and been made new and what’s old that should be made new.

Wild Child Bikini

Wild Child Bikini

The cut is modern and flaunts curvy skins, the fringe slides across and gently tickles the stomach and back, making it fun to flit and twirl around.  And the cut on the bottoms is borderline scandalous and therefore only enhances the entire look.

Let’s talk about the print which is half the reason why I was attracted to this suit.  When was the last time you saw the navajo print your grandma bought at a craft fair in Tuscon?  The same geometric shapes that are all the rage in Southwestern homes have been updated and angled to make it contemporary and the colors are according to the times with vibrant hue accents.  I’ve never felt so bohemian and hip at the same time.  This is truly an original smash from Ms. Faulkes.

How I accessorized:

Curio‘s Light Mink from the Vixen line; part of the Sundust collection.  This is exactly the tan I needed this summer.  And what’s amazing is that Gala Pheonix offers two different tans, two different lipstick shades, and two freckled skins for a total of 8 skins for just L$1000!!!  It just can’t be beat!

ETD‘s new Chel in Caramel is big, Grecian, and gorgeous.

Shoes are the Amazon boots from Redgrave.  I know, I’m all over the board with this thing: Greek hair, Macedonian shoes, Native American garments, and a Aborigine backdrop.  It wasn’t all supposed to match was it?  😛

Jewelry from Last Call might be old and it isn’t available anymore but you gotta give it to the designers for making it a classic that’s still relevant.

Thanks to Lost Angel Poses and my model Quinn Donogal.

Review: Forbidden Thorn

I’ve been shopping for new furnishings recently and I wanted something that I would put in my RL flat; modern and colorful with realistic proportions and sculpties.  I had a chance to check out Forbidden Thorn today, and I must say that Xadie Katscher’s furniture debut is a delight!  No less than six designs have been released and for each of them, there are three unique upholstery, wood, and metal finishings.  The most surprising one for me was Fae…

Fae Fun

Fae Fun

For less than L$1000 you can get this whole set, which you can mix and match with the designs, and everything is detachable for optimum layout customization.  The best part is all the seating you can get without all the wasted space!  I almost feel like I’m on a kid’s play-gym and I can see any group of people using this to converse.  I want all my friends to hang out on mine!

Since I am a fashion freak, this is what I’m wearing…

Skin:: Redgrave:: Leona:  pale gold

Lashes:: Cake:: Flutter

Hair:: DeJavu:: Yuria:: beige brown

Outfit:: T&C:: Don’t Be Trashy

Shoes:: Armidi Gisaci:: Vidalia Pump:: Metallic Noir

Necklace #1:: Armidi Limited:: Zimbabwe:: Kiss

Necklace #2:: VintageWear:: Mixed Tape

Earrings:: Shiny Things:: green plastic

Bangle:: Armidi Gisaci:: Healing Giraffe:: pink

Ring #1:: Shiny Things:: Glass Chunk:: Retro green

Ring #2:: Redgrave:: blue sapphire

Good Time

So this song has been stuck in my head for a few weeks now.  It’s by the Brazilian Girls and I heard it while clubbing one night.  Even with the overwhelming base line beating my brain cells from the gigantic floor speakers, I recognized the fun, laissez-faire humor of this single and instantly fell in love with it.  I later got the album, “New York City,” and have enjoyed playing it over and over again.

Some people go ooh, quoi quoi, they go qui
Some people have nothing and want nothing and are free
Some people want to burn the world with their greed
We just want to have a good time

The message is simple: do what you want, but I’m here to have fun.  This basically nutshells my life at the moment.  So with that in mind, I became inspired to reenact the Brazilian Girl video for “Good Time” by hoping on my bike, going to the park, and rocking my indie duds.

We just want to have a good time all the time

We just want to have a good time all the time

The lead singer of the band, Sabina Sciubba, is eccentric and pushes the limit of fashion while showing a lot of leg at the same time.  She’s a Continental sophisticate who incorporates the unconventional in her work, which is one of the reasons why the band is so successful in the house industry.

My Sabina impression includes:

The new Blondie Glow skin from Laqroki.  I loved #8 at first glance, what with its smooth complexion and perfectly salmon colored lips, the only hard decision was whether I wanted it in milky or peach skin tone (I went for the paler milky after some deep soul searching, heehee)

VintageWear‘s pushed and shoved has such wonderful textures and suits the skin beautifully.  I got every color and chose the chestnut shade because it resembles my inspirations.  I’m also wearing the necklace they preview at the Horst store, The Mixed Tape.

The dress is from Pink Outfitters.  The Izzy Ruffle dress in winter mint showcases Sciubba’s style; a modern cut with structure and plenty of skin shining through.  I put on a yellow tank from Armidi underneath just to give it a little more color.  The yellow matches my banana pumps from Shiny Things, but you can’t see that in this picture 😛

My jewelry is eclectic and is as follows: besides the already mentioned necklace, I’ve got on Glass Chunk bracelet from Shiny Things and SD Wears‘ Lick Me candy bracelet (I wanted a touch more color).  I’m also wearing two rings; Kawaii Jelly‘s red butterfly and Redgrave‘s big sapphire.  Also from Redgrave are my earrings.