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XStreet is for Lovers

I pride myself on being progressive when it comes to customs, taste, and technology, but there are times when I myself drag my feet.  I certainly am not the first person to try something new (because I know that it is often the case that first time technology comes with a long list of grievances), but I never want to be the last, or even one of the last, to try something.

This time I am referring to the online marketplace for Second Life, XStreet.  Three years into the game and I flat out refused to use the thing.  I have always loved using the search algorithm inworld and going from store to store in order to get that vibe that comes with shopping.  However, even I change my mind about most things and XStreet is no different.

My turning point was when I was planning my wedding.  I was getting so frustrated going from one wedding store to another and not seeing what I wanted.  How do you search for burgundy flower arrangements and sculpted prim bouquets?  I must admit that a lot of things I used for the wedding was either found or purchased on XStreet.  It was just so… convenient.

If ever I need something obscure or specific, the search usually does a good job sifting through the tens of thousands of items sold on XStreet.  I use it to find costumes and scripts.  I even found my house on XStreet and even though I still like to buy things in SL (I tend to choose XStreet items that are also sold inworld and then go there) I am increasingly finding myself relying on XStreet.  Now I will visit almost everyday even when I am not looking for anything particular; just like I used to do inworld.  There are no rez times, no lag, and the deals are amazing.  I have bought beautifully crafted shoes for under 50L and furnished skyboxes for under 100L.  I truly never know what wonderful thing will be sold next and I can spend days browsing.

And the convenience just got better now that all linden transfers do not have to be done at a kiosk in Second Life but in your XStreet account online.  So today’s post features some of the things that I have bought online.

The motif today is clubbing.  I enjoy the music scene and put on something that’s fashionable, sexy, and moves well.  The Xstreet items that I bought on a whim because they were so inexpensive were the red boots and the black dress.  I also bought Truth’s Brit hair online because of the almost guaranteed crowd that always shops inworld.

Outfits from left to right:

[LeLutka]-EclatPale-makeup6(DARK BROWS)freckles, !lamb. Ghost – Rotten Carrot, Cake – Deco Lashes – Tintable, +*CC*+ T-Shirt (Black), AOHARU_BT_Leggings_Black, :+*U&R*+: LE.LOOK! la femme – Earrings, MIEL VIV NECKLACE, Vida red suede buckled ankle boots  v1.02, belt from middle outfit

Lara Skin-Adina smokey1-nude lips pale, >TRUTH< Brit – cocoa, Cake – Bedroom Lashes – Tintable, NADAS*MINIDRESS LAURA*, Ms.O.Lei-ny “Swirling Heart” necklace / choker / collar, Anthrax (Cyanide), BAX Prestige Boots Black Leather

LAQ ~ Blondie 08 [Milky] Glow skin, ((JUNWAVE))LoosePony*GOLD*, Cake – Vamp Lashes – Tintable, Canimal – Body Graffiti (black magic), {SMS} Tweed Corset White BF, (Elate!) Betsy (Cobalt), winter blue bangle (Argyle), Maitreya Frenzy – Retro

pose from Meya


Autumn Leaves Start to Fall

This week has been less about fashion and more about socializing for me in Second Life.  I have casually been shopping some new stores, but for the most part I’ve been hanging with friends and exploring.

Looking this casual is hard work.

Looking this casual is hard work.

These two looks are very different but share commonalities.  One is rural while the other is urban.  One is modern while the other is traditional.  But both are cute and comfortable with flats that keep my feetsies warm in the cooling weather and thick pants for lovely days in the fall weather.  They are multipurpose outfits, perfect for this week when I was all over the grid.

Both have on…

[PF] Skye <Milk> – Beestung  (dkbrow)  <— Has a rosy cheek perfect for outdoor apparel

Eyes Leona -SageGreen- *REDGRAVE*

*Beauty Avatar* REGINA – Eyelashes 03

Lefty is wearing…

fri. – Kate – Timid Brown  <— Gotta love Fri.Day releases

Intrigue Co. – Love Love Love (black) shirt <—- offers a hint of color that sets off this other wise monotone ensemble

MichaMi: Carmela Cardie in Black

Schadenfreude Pearl necklace with cameo <—- I love mixing old and new, so a cameo on a multicolor pearl strand is perfect for making this contemporary outfit more eclectic.

MichaMi: Carmela Belt in Black <— Shiny patent belt adds interest without standing out and becoming the focal point.

{SMS} Shiny Denim Black  <—- They’re supposed to be denim, but I swear that they look so much like leather.  This adds contrast to my other cotton textures that again adds “zazz.”

*AuMa* *KNITTED Boot’s GRAY*

Righty has on…

fri. – Rashelle – Passionate Red

*ARGRACE* COAT ” Traveler”  (Rose) Lady <— an amazing job.  I love how versatile and realistic this jacket looks.  And it comes with optional sweater underneath (wearing)

:::Sn@tch Cashmere Scarf:::

(Ducknipple) Barks – Brown  <— I have always loved plaid pants.  They are a perfect alternative to jeans.


(poses by Fri.Day)

Flight of Fancy but an Eurail Pass

To be young and travelling is an important dream for my friends and me.  For a lot of us that dream is an actuality and many of my friends have moved on to big cities or Europe, but for now I have to rely on Second Life to be my window to the world.  I love exploring sims and the things people have created.

I think Showcase is a great tool for this, and if you don’t use it on a regular basis, then you are missing out on something profoundly mind blowing.  More often than not I find essential places for relaxation or hanging out.  Whether it be real life representations or something truly fantastical, Second Life is infinite in its variety.

And it inspires me to create functional outfits.  I want to be a trendsetter, but I don’t want to wear four inch heels in a nature sim.  I attach myself to the imagery, so for me it becomes a whole lot believable to be in a setting if I’m dressed for that setting.  So for this post, I was inspired by Club Visiwa Estates, a beautifully done community encompassing eight sims.  It is mediterranean inspired and includes a business district and both urban and rural residences.  Almost venetian in its decor, it includes canals and entertainment.  The second I saw it I knew I would be coming back again and again.

American Tourist

American Tourist

My outfit fits the type of tourist that wants total immersion in a culture.  She’s tired of being sheltered by friends and family and wants to get away from school or work and just finally experience the world.  She’s cute and fashionable, but she also wants to be comfortable.  She’ll often wear what she finds in her travels and she packs very little; instead she wants to be spontaneous and free to go where and when she wants.  This requires her clothes to be translatable to many different situations.  Cottons are a must and skirts can be a versatile way of going from casual to dressy.

The only thing she doesn’t skimp on is the shoes, heehee.  Three or four pairs of day wear and one evening are a must to keep the blisters at bay.

The clothes on her back…

Skin is the new Skye line from Pink Fuel, available at the Skin and Shape Expo on KMADD Events Sim.  It’s the lightest tone, Milk, and the makeup is Beestung.  I love it because it gives me the natural look I’m always going for and the lips are unique in their coloring.  It’s the time of year when the tan fades and the skin starts to get that cold, rosy look.

My blouse is a standard in my wardrobe; and Armidi Gisaci Milla Milla in Ajan Creme.  The Oxford is perfect for the student-on-holiday perspective I’m going for.  I guess that’s why they call it that, LOL.

The skirt is new from Nikukyu at the new Switch Mall.  It’s cute and comes in two different versions with optional belt.  Also has lace underneath for a total package that’s amazingly under 100L.  Whohoo!  I like it because it completes my reminiscent look.

The shoes and bag are from Miel, a wonderful store that I’ve just discovered.  Really nothing better than a comfortable pair of slip-ons and the bag was a subscription gift!

The hair is Fri.day‘s Eloise in Moody Brown.  When you live in Hostels, the simplest hairstyles are the best.  Fri.day is my favorite place to get hair now, because the textures, to me, are the best.  I love every color, and that’s saying a lot.  I also love that I can get every color for a reasonable price.

I’m adorned by Fab.pony‘s Leaf earrings in gold and Argyle‘s winter gold bangles.  Enough bohemian to pull it off, I think, :p

Thanks to Bingo Poses and  Katiya Rhode-Singh for her amazing textures