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XStreet is for Lovers

I pride myself on being progressive when it comes to customs, taste, and technology, but there are times when I myself drag my feet.  I certainly am not the first person to try something new (because I know that it is often the case that first time technology comes with a long list of grievances), but I never want to be the last, or even one of the last, to try something.

This time I am referring to the online marketplace for Second Life, XStreet.  Three years into the game and I flat out refused to use the thing.  I have always loved using the search algorithm inworld and going from store to store in order to get that vibe that comes with shopping.  However, even I change my mind about most things and XStreet is no different.

My turning point was when I was planning my wedding.  I was getting so frustrated going from one wedding store to another and not seeing what I wanted.  How do you search for burgundy flower arrangements and sculpted prim bouquets?  I must admit that a lot of things I used for the wedding was either found or purchased on XStreet.  It was just so… convenient.

If ever I need something obscure or specific, the search usually does a good job sifting through the tens of thousands of items sold on XStreet.  I use it to find costumes and scripts.  I even found my house on XStreet and even though I still like to buy things in SL (I tend to choose XStreet items that are also sold inworld and then go there) I am increasingly finding myself relying on XStreet.  Now I will visit almost everyday even when I am not looking for anything particular; just like I used to do inworld.  There are no rez times, no lag, and the deals are amazing.  I have bought beautifully crafted shoes for under 50L and furnished skyboxes for under 100L.  I truly never know what wonderful thing will be sold next and I can spend days browsing.

And the convenience just got better now that all linden transfers do not have to be done at a kiosk in Second Life but in your XStreet account online.  So today’s post features some of the things that I have bought online.

The motif today is clubbing.  I enjoy the music scene and put on something that’s fashionable, sexy, and moves well.  The Xstreet items that I bought on a whim because they were so inexpensive were the red boots and the black dress.  I also bought Truth’s Brit hair online because of the almost guaranteed crowd that always shops inworld.

Outfits from left to right:

[LeLutka]-EclatPale-makeup6(DARK BROWS)freckles, !lamb. Ghost – Rotten Carrot, Cake – Deco Lashes – Tintable, +*CC*+ T-Shirt (Black), AOHARU_BT_Leggings_Black, :+*U&R*+: LE.LOOK! la femme – Earrings, MIEL VIV NECKLACE, Vida red suede buckled ankle boots  v1.02, belt from middle outfit

Lara Skin-Adina smokey1-nude lips pale, >TRUTH< Brit – cocoa, Cake – Bedroom Lashes – Tintable, NADAS*MINIDRESS LAURA*, Ms.O.Lei-ny “Swirling Heart” necklace / choker / collar, Anthrax (Cyanide), BAX Prestige Boots Black Leather

LAQ ~ Blondie 08 [Milky] Glow skin, ((JUNWAVE))LoosePony*GOLD*, Cake – Vamp Lashes – Tintable, Canimal – Body Graffiti (black magic), {SMS} Tweed Corset White BF, (Elate!) Betsy (Cobalt), winter blue bangle (Argyle), Maitreya Frenzy – Retro

pose from Meya


Is it Spring Yet?

Where I live, the weather has gone from freezing to flirty and I have been taken so aback at the transformation.  The grass is growing and some of the underbrush around my abode is starting to sprout green.  I even have sandals on and I almost forgot how it feels to have the breeze on my toes. Is spring officially here?  Well… no, not officially; tomorrow at sunset marks the official start to spring, but technically… yes, very much so.


I’m glad, because I am ready for some bright colors and highlighted tresses.  (Feels the wind on her bare legs, shrieks, and then runs to the drugstore to pick up Veet)

A Meadow Lark

A Meadow Lark

This spring won’t be about muted or warm, but bright and punchy.  It was a long, hard winter and now we should be looking to cheer ourselves up with yellows and greens.  Faces will be fresh, hair will be light, and accessories abound.

Stopping for the Roses

Stopping for the Roses

I am ready to enjoy nature once more… spring is in!

Spring Style

Spring Style


Milk Motion‘s Alice skin with freckles.  Nothing says natural more than a nicely tanned, freckle face.

This glorious mane is the aptly named Spring Breeze from Junwave.  I can’t quite see anything else so perfectly meant for a lovely spring day than this beautiful hair in light brown.  And to add more to its perfection, I have put in a tropical flower, provided by Artilleri (from the Charlotte dress outfit).

The dress I wore also in fall, but it luckily has two tops and I had yet to where the sleeveless version!  The tiered, strawberry dress from Couverture flows marvelously as the air wafts through it.

To keep it comfortable, I slipped on some Kelly flats from Shiny Things.  When you’re taking a walk through fresh growth, forget the heels and get as close to the earth as you can.

The necklace is the Journey Circle I got back when (luc) was Earthtones and the bangle is Persona‘s crack-metal… all in gold by the way.