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XStreet is for Lovers

I pride myself on being progressive when it comes to customs, taste, and technology, but there are times when I myself drag my feet.  I certainly am not the first person to try something new (because I know that it is often the case that first time technology comes with a long list of grievances), but I never want to be the last, or even one of the last, to try something.

This time I am referring to the online marketplace for Second Life, XStreet.  Three years into the game and I flat out refused to use the thing.  I have always loved using the search algorithm inworld and going from store to store in order to get that vibe that comes with shopping.  However, even I change my mind about most things and XStreet is no different.

My turning point was when I was planning my wedding.  I was getting so frustrated going from one wedding store to another and not seeing what I wanted.  How do you search for burgundy flower arrangements and sculpted prim bouquets?  I must admit that a lot of things I used for the wedding was either found or purchased on XStreet.  It was just so… convenient.

If ever I need something obscure or specific, the search usually does a good job sifting through the tens of thousands of items sold on XStreet.  I use it to find costumes and scripts.  I even found my house on XStreet and even though I still like to buy things in SL (I tend to choose XStreet items that are also sold inworld and then go there) I am increasingly finding myself relying on XStreet.  Now I will visit almost everyday even when I am not looking for anything particular; just like I used to do inworld.  There are no rez times, no lag, and the deals are amazing.  I have bought beautifully crafted shoes for under 50L and furnished skyboxes for under 100L.  I truly never know what wonderful thing will be sold next and I can spend days browsing.

And the convenience just got better now that all linden transfers do not have to be done at a kiosk in Second Life but in your XStreet account online.  So today’s post features some of the things that I have bought online.

The motif today is clubbing.  I enjoy the music scene and put on something that’s fashionable, sexy, and moves well.  The Xstreet items that I bought on a whim because they were so inexpensive were the red boots and the black dress.  I also bought Truth’s Brit hair online because of the almost guaranteed crowd that always shops inworld.

Outfits from left to right:

[LeLutka]-EclatPale-makeup6(DARK BROWS)freckles, !lamb. Ghost – Rotten Carrot, Cake – Deco Lashes – Tintable, +*CC*+ T-Shirt (Black), AOHARU_BT_Leggings_Black, :+*U&R*+: LE.LOOK! la femme – Earrings, MIEL VIV NECKLACE, Vida red suede buckled ankle boots  v1.02, belt from middle outfit

Lara Skin-Adina smokey1-nude lips pale, >TRUTH< Brit – cocoa, Cake – Bedroom Lashes – Tintable, NADAS*MINIDRESS LAURA*, Ms.O.Lei-ny “Swirling Heart” necklace / choker / collar, Anthrax (Cyanide), BAX Prestige Boots Black Leather

LAQ ~ Blondie 08 [Milky] Glow skin, ((JUNWAVE))LoosePony*GOLD*, Cake – Vamp Lashes – Tintable, Canimal – Body Graffiti (black magic), {SMS} Tweed Corset White BF, (Elate!) Betsy (Cobalt), winter blue bangle (Argyle), Maitreya Frenzy – Retro

pose from Meya


My Wedding Bliss

Gawd, I never thought I would be one of those women who stresses over their nuptials but afterwards says “it was all worth it,” but I have just finished going through all the photos and making my video and I have to admit… all the worrying WAS worth it!

On my wedding day I was nervous.  I had spent two months planning this and everything was set up, but where was my groom?  Where were the guests?  I had a hard time reaching my fiance all day, and the time for the ceremony to start rolls through and crippling lag is keeping the attendees from teleporting in.

But 45 minutes later, and we were done.  It goes by so fast!  A week later and all the anxiety I had is a distant memory and what I am left with is the memories of a BEAUTIFUL wedding.

Here’s a closer look at some of my favorite pics:

My dress was from Evie’s Closet.  What I originally had in mind for my wedding was a high waisted gown, something simple and antique.  Evie’s Closet had a nice selection and I just casually picked up the demo for this dress.  What I did not expect was for my jaw to drop to the ground the second I put it on.  Whimsical ball gown was my only choice after that, heeheehee.

My bride style isn’t sexy or bombshell.  Simple, subtle, and understated beauty is what I have always been.  For my February wedding, I picked Curio’s winter skins.  They are adorable and appropriate for an outdoor wedding.  Everything else plays into the uncomplicated elegance from my simple Caroline’s pearl necklace, to the minimally coiffed Fri.day’s hair.  What I did play up was my eyes, with Cake’s flutter lashes.

I must admit, I really accomplished something special with Airwin and I’m not just talking about my love for him, 😉  I was very picky about the tux.  I wanted a prim coat AND collar AND white prim tie.  It wasn’t easy, but then I found this masterpiece from Rabbit Kiss.  For well under 1000L you get interchangeable ties and a wonderfully crafted outfit.  Airwin’s wearing the only skin he owns from Belleza, but I did get him to dress up his hair; something we picked up at KMadd.

All in all, I couldn’t be happier about how things went and now I have the rest of my second life to enjoy what Airwin and I have, 🙂

Additional credits:

Wedding decorated by Fairey Weddings and Heart Garden Center.  Poses by Fairey Weddings, Inaka, PondLife, Pose Paradise, and Glitterati.

Steampunk or Bust

I think it is time to further describe some of my life.  Before I got involved in fashion photography, way back in my infancy, I was a role player.  I have participated in role playing games (RPG) since my teens and when I first got onto Second Life, I naturally applied myself to a medieval realm.  Sufficed to say, it didn’t work out because I just could not stop going OOC (“out of character” for the RPG illiterate) which made me very anachronistic.

But what did come out of the experience was a long lasting friendship with one of my fellow gamers.  At the time he had just become manager of a themed sim called Steelhead.  Him and his wife took hold of the construction and maintenance of the town and made it one of THE most elaborate and highly successful themed sims.  Now Steelhead can proudly claim five sims (with at least one on the way) and I can claim it as my home.

Steelhead’s theme is Steampunk.  If you haven’t dealt with alternate realities, the fantasy is simply this:  it is a culture that surrounds itself around Victorian era science fiction and fantasy.  Neil Gaiman’s Stardust, The League of Extraordinary Gentleman, and His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman are to name a few of the influences that Steampunk uses to create a dynamic and expanding environment.  It might be staged in the past, but it is not confined to it and that makes steampunk fashion so much like modern fashion.  Designers are always finding something new to craft, and some new gadget to attach.

Dark Angel

Dark Angel

Steelhead doesn’t tell its citizens what decade to dress in, so in a way I feel less leary about my fashion choices.  I don’t have to worry if something is last season or last decade, because with Steampunk, anything Victorian works.  I can go from Antebellum to turn of the century at a whim and always be in the mode.

But I am into modern fashion, so why not merge the two ideas and come up with something avante garde?

Modern Steampunk

Modern Steampunk

Victorian Steampunk Look:

Skin: (vive9) Nel [butternut] Dead Skin (group gift)  <So apropo to use this with my dark angel look>

Hair: Maitreya Dylan – Autumn <I love this hair because it looks effortless, natural, and beautiful which is my style in a nutshell>

Lashes: Cake – Vamp Lashes <why not go all the way with the demonic look?>

Choker: Mademoiselle Cameo Choker (Solange)

Dress: Grim Bros. robe changeant <the dress is dark and almost gory.  The red that runs throughout the piece could be considered blood or bad thread selection, heehee.  Either way you look at it, it is tragically beautiful>

Wings: BlakOpal Animated Steampunk Gears Wings <my rule of thumb for appropriate Steampunk outfits: where there is a gear, there is a way>

Shoes: *la* Sophie Court Shoes- Licorice Whip (Laughing Academy)  <I fell in love the instant I saw these.  I will be creating modern and Victorian looks with these shoes for weeks to come>

Modern look:

Hair: fri.day – Deena – Jealous Red

Blouse: {Gisaci} Pleated Neck Babydoll – Ash

Jacket: fri.day – Military Jacket (Black Denim)

Shorts: *SHOP SEU* –short pants BLACK–

Stockings: (from) Grim Bros. robe changeant (dress)

Review: Forbidden Thorn

I’ve been shopping for new furnishings recently and I wanted something that I would put in my RL flat; modern and colorful with realistic proportions and sculpties.  I had a chance to check out Forbidden Thorn today, and I must say that Xadie Katscher’s furniture debut is a delight!  No less than six designs have been released and for each of them, there are three unique upholstery, wood, and metal finishings.  The most surprising one for me was Fae…

Fae Fun

Fae Fun

For less than L$1000 you can get this whole set, which you can mix and match with the designs, and everything is detachable for optimum layout customization.  The best part is all the seating you can get without all the wasted space!  I almost feel like I’m on a kid’s play-gym and I can see any group of people using this to converse.  I want all my friends to hang out on mine!

Since I am a fashion freak, this is what I’m wearing…

Skin:: Redgrave:: Leona:  pale gold

Lashes:: Cake:: Flutter

Hair:: DeJavu:: Yuria:: beige brown

Outfit:: T&C:: Don’t Be Trashy

Shoes:: Armidi Gisaci:: Vidalia Pump:: Metallic Noir

Necklace #1:: Armidi Limited:: Zimbabwe:: Kiss

Necklace #2:: VintageWear:: Mixed Tape

Earrings:: Shiny Things:: green plastic

Bangle:: Armidi Gisaci:: Healing Giraffe:: pink

Ring #1:: Shiny Things:: Glass Chunk:: Retro green

Ring #2:: Redgrave:: blue sapphire