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Rural Charm in the Country

Yesterday was the high for the year.  A whopping 72 degrees and sunny and though it wasn’t officially spring, I welcomed the warm weather whole heartedly by wearing a floral skirt and tank top.  Nothing is sprouting yet, but it’s easy to carry that enthusiasm for the coming verdure into Second Life and find a place that is already teeming with life.

The outfit for today is inspired by the country, particularly country music.  I don’t listen to popular country; I appreciate more folk country and bluegrass.  I pictured what a new, up-and-coming country star with a deep lilt and indie charm would look like and wear.  She would embrace modernity, but love traditional pieces from both her mother’s and father’s closets.

Girl Next Farmhouse Door

What you’ll find in the country:

:GP: Petal [Light] Winter-Cashmere 1 [for that sweet looking yet beautiful complexion]

fri. – Jasmine – Anxious Blond [because you go blonde for country]

*JC* STEAM PUNK necklace [rustic charm that goes well with the patched jean skirt]

Armidi – Sheer Ribbed Tank Top – Blue 1 [I love that the bright blue sets off the gray of the vest and brings out the blue in the skirt]

fri. – Halter Vest (Gray) –  Jacket [that traditional piece that I wanted to dress up the otherwise very casual ensemble]

*League Frayed in Blue (skirt) [something eclectic and interesting that imbues that spirit that lies in the country that says that everything old and worn can be kept and remembered in something new]

EarthStones Destiny Bridal Set – Platinum (my wedding ring)

Photo taken on Vague


I Miss My Sky

I have had dreams in which I can fly all my life.  I just lift off the ground and soar like a bird.  However, the closest any of us mortals can get to that ultimate feeling of freedom and wonder is to use an airplane.  In one, someone can look out their window and behold the endless horizons around them.  The fluffy, white clouds floating below them.  Not even the birds reach you… awww, I love to fly.

Another place on my travels around Second Life is Abbott’s Aerodrome.  This airfield provides hours of fun with sky diving and demo planes, balloons, helicopters, etc.  Very realistic sights and sounds, not too mention six sims of open space, provide for a very unique experience.  I am a girl who lords quality, and I am very impressed by everything Cubey Terra has created.  To prepare for such aeronautical gallivanting, I planned an outfit that is both trendy yet vintage; couture yet relevant.  I want to look good flying off of the runway by taking ideas from the other runway, 😉 .

Amelia Air Heart

Amelia Eat-Your-Heart-Out

This is a couture costume itching to have wind rush through it.  I feel like one of the early female combat pilots who trained during World War II.  They are some of the unsung heroes of American history that are just starting to get the recognition they deserve.  My influence was Amelia Earhart, if you can’t already tell.  From my hair to my boots, I found inspiration for this ensemble from the highest sources in fashion.  Now I’m ready for takeoff.

Aeronautical sophistication achieved with…

LeLutka‘s pale Moscow skin…

Curio‘s Betty Boop in red.  Amelia Earhart’s hair was often cropped, but it had a natural curl to it that if it were longer, I have no doubt that Betty Boop would have been out of luck claiming this symbolic style, heehee…

Armidi Gisaci‘s Lifestyle Aviators in light silver doesn’t need an explanation.  The name of the style and of where you can get them tells you what to use them for and how fabulous you’re going to look doing it..

Muism‘s leather Bomber jacket in brown.  Same deal, different purveyor…

… an ivory scarf from Aoharu.  It was important in the early days of aviation to keep warm.  That required bulky scarves, thick gloves, and padded hats.  Today’s aircraft come equipped with heating, but a thin scarf is a small detail that makes major impact when finishing an outfit…

Zaara‘s Isis blouse in white.   A button down with a simple collar would have been just what Amelia Earhart would have wanted.  The comfortable cotton is what keeps any pilot comfortable on transatlantic trips…

Last Call‘s breeches.  The store might have closed over a year and a half ago, but nobody did work clothes like LC.  Their breeches and other riding outfits are primary pieces in my wardrobe to this day…

… and finally J‘s new long boots in sand.  The new thing for designers is to just make the boot all one prim and hide all the rest with invisiprims.  It creates quite a stunning and unified appearance.

Flight of Fancy but an Eurail Pass

To be young and travelling is an important dream for my friends and me.  For a lot of us that dream is an actuality and many of my friends have moved on to big cities or Europe, but for now I have to rely on Second Life to be my window to the world.  I love exploring sims and the things people have created.

I think Showcase is a great tool for this, and if you don’t use it on a regular basis, then you are missing out on something profoundly mind blowing.  More often than not I find essential places for relaxation or hanging out.  Whether it be real life representations or something truly fantastical, Second Life is infinite in its variety.

And it inspires me to create functional outfits.  I want to be a trendsetter, but I don’t want to wear four inch heels in a nature sim.  I attach myself to the imagery, so for me it becomes a whole lot believable to be in a setting if I’m dressed for that setting.  So for this post, I was inspired by Club Visiwa Estates, a beautifully done community encompassing eight sims.  It is mediterranean inspired and includes a business district and both urban and rural residences.  Almost venetian in its decor, it includes canals and entertainment.  The second I saw it I knew I would be coming back again and again.

American Tourist

American Tourist

My outfit fits the type of tourist that wants total immersion in a culture.  She’s tired of being sheltered by friends and family and wants to get away from school or work and just finally experience the world.  She’s cute and fashionable, but she also wants to be comfortable.  She’ll often wear what she finds in her travels and she packs very little; instead she wants to be spontaneous and free to go where and when she wants.  This requires her clothes to be translatable to many different situations.  Cottons are a must and skirts can be a versatile way of going from casual to dressy.

The only thing she doesn’t skimp on is the shoes, heehee.  Three or four pairs of day wear and one evening are a must to keep the blisters at bay.

The clothes on her back…

Skin is the new Skye line from Pink Fuel, available at the Skin and Shape Expo on KMADD Events Sim.  It’s the lightest tone, Milk, and the makeup is Beestung.  I love it because it gives me the natural look I’m always going for and the lips are unique in their coloring.  It’s the time of year when the tan fades and the skin starts to get that cold, rosy look.

My blouse is a standard in my wardrobe; and Armidi Gisaci Milla Milla in Ajan Creme.  The Oxford is perfect for the student-on-holiday perspective I’m going for.  I guess that’s why they call it that, LOL.

The skirt is new from Nikukyu at the new Switch Mall.  It’s cute and comes in two different versions with optional belt.  Also has lace underneath for a total package that’s amazingly under 100L.  Whohoo!  I like it because it completes my reminiscent look.

The shoes and bag are from Miel, a wonderful store that I’ve just discovered.  Really nothing better than a comfortable pair of slip-ons and the bag was a subscription gift!

The hair is Fri.day‘s Eloise in Moody Brown.  When you live in Hostels, the simplest hairstyles are the best.  Fri.day is my favorite place to get hair now, because the textures, to me, are the best.  I love every color, and that’s saying a lot.  I also love that I can get every color for a reasonable price.

I’m adorned by Fab.pony‘s Leaf earrings in gold and Argyle‘s winter gold bangles.  Enough bohemian to pull it off, I think, :p

Thanks to Bingo Poses and  Katiya Rhode-Singh for her amazing textures

Sascha’s Designs

I got the chance to experience Sascha Frangilli of Sascha’s Designs’ newest creation, Malicious, and I must say, that such a name for this dress is apropos.  Wearing this is malicious… to other people who cannot come close to competing, 🙂

Midnight Affair

Midnight Affair

Not only is it gorgeous, and classy, and opulent, it is extremely versatile.  With no less than ten color variations, two tops, three chest attachments and six different skirts (with available train), there is little chance of two people going to a party in the same outfit.  The beading is exquisite and the colored silk is iridescent and dynamic.  This is definitely one of the times were I felt like I was over the top and it felt great.

And the response has been phenomenal.  I turn quite a lot of heads and elicit praise every time I have donned one of the versions and strutted it.

Palette Opulente

Palette Opulente

With just one purchase, someone can satisfy their formal needs for several occasions.  In fact, I love all the oppurtunities I have with this gown so much, that I have gone beyond one dress and mix-n-matched different hues.  For my Christmas greeting cards this year, I’ll definitely be putting some of the excelent complementary draping Sascha has provided to theme the green or red dress.  Truly, the quality and detail put into this gown will flatter any polished fashionista and needs to be seriously considered the next time they need to be seen.

Accessorized with…

ETD hair;  all in the “Elika’s brown” shade

… 10 Pale Skin -Jennifer- / smoky1 *REDGRAVE*

… Cake – Bedroom Lashes – Tintable

… Jewelry by Muse and Redgrave

… Shoes by J’s

… and Quinn Donogal, my male model.  He is wearing:

Uw.St  Hibiki-Hair  brown wolf (Uncleweb Studio)
Belleza– Johan Pale 0
LOOKR ~ Form (Men) ~ Shirt ~ Black
LOOKR ~ Form ~ Blazer ~ Black ~ Rainstripe
LOOKR ~ Form (Men) ~ Tie ~ Black
Armidi – Classic Slax – Charcoal
*REDGRAVE* STRAP-Loafers -Black-

Steampunk or Bust

I think it is time to further describe some of my life.  Before I got involved in fashion photography, way back in my infancy, I was a role player.  I have participated in role playing games (RPG) since my teens and when I first got onto Second Life, I naturally applied myself to a medieval realm.  Sufficed to say, it didn’t work out because I just could not stop going OOC (“out of character” for the RPG illiterate) which made me very anachronistic.

But what did come out of the experience was a long lasting friendship with one of my fellow gamers.  At the time he had just become manager of a themed sim called Steelhead.  Him and his wife took hold of the construction and maintenance of the town and made it one of THE most elaborate and highly successful themed sims.  Now Steelhead can proudly claim five sims (with at least one on the way) and I can claim it as my home.

Steelhead’s theme is Steampunk.  If you haven’t dealt with alternate realities, the fantasy is simply this:  it is a culture that surrounds itself around Victorian era science fiction and fantasy.  Neil Gaiman’s Stardust, The League of Extraordinary Gentleman, and His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman are to name a few of the influences that Steampunk uses to create a dynamic and expanding environment.  It might be staged in the past, but it is not confined to it and that makes steampunk fashion so much like modern fashion.  Designers are always finding something new to craft, and some new gadget to attach.

Dark Angel

Dark Angel

Steelhead doesn’t tell its citizens what decade to dress in, so in a way I feel less leary about my fashion choices.  I don’t have to worry if something is last season or last decade, because with Steampunk, anything Victorian works.  I can go from Antebellum to turn of the century at a whim and always be in the mode.

But I am into modern fashion, so why not merge the two ideas and come up with something avante garde?

Modern Steampunk

Modern Steampunk

Victorian Steampunk Look:

Skin: (vive9) Nel [butternut] Dead Skin (group gift)  <So apropo to use this with my dark angel look>

Hair: Maitreya Dylan – Autumn <I love this hair because it looks effortless, natural, and beautiful which is my style in a nutshell>

Lashes: Cake – Vamp Lashes <why not go all the way with the demonic look?>

Choker: Mademoiselle Cameo Choker (Solange)

Dress: Grim Bros. robe changeant <the dress is dark and almost gory.  The red that runs throughout the piece could be considered blood or bad thread selection, heehee.  Either way you look at it, it is tragically beautiful>

Wings: BlakOpal Animated Steampunk Gears Wings <my rule of thumb for appropriate Steampunk outfits: where there is a gear, there is a way>

Shoes: *la* Sophie Court Shoes- Licorice Whip (Laughing Academy)  <I fell in love the instant I saw these.  I will be creating modern and Victorian looks with these shoes for weeks to come>

Modern look:

Hair: fri.day – Deena – Jealous Red

Blouse: {Gisaci} Pleated Neck Babydoll – Ash

Jacket: fri.day – Military Jacket (Black Denim)

Shorts: *SHOP SEU* –short pants BLACK–

Stockings: (from) Grim Bros. robe changeant (dress)

Don’t Be Givin’ Me No Evils

So though I don’t consider myself a hipster (the lifestyle is too apathetic and negligent for my taste), I have to admit that I like the way they dress.  Hipsters claim they loathe mainstream, but they are more often than not slaves to trends whether it be in alternative music or organic food.  I try not to get sucked into their ways, but I hang at their clubs a lot and the fashions always get me.  Some can be full out glammed, but others are comfortable in their Clash duds.

So my alternative looks always tend to take on a Hipster quality.

Getting Ready for a Hot Night

Getting Ready for a Hot Night

Hipsters adore anything non-American and even though I drink Bud and listen to John Mayer, I also enjoy foreign affairs.  The title of this post comes from a British show called “Little Britain.”  If you haven’t seen it than rent it; I tell you it is the best sketch comedy I’ve ever seen.

So my typical weekend evening consists of me standing in front of my closet for like fifteen minutes, just staring abstractly at everything I own, picturing separates that would go well together.  I try not to repeat the same outfits twice within a month or so (thus my gigantic wardrobe) and then I move a few things around; holding up a certain bottom to my pile of folded tops to see which colors complement.

Usually I’ve bought something new or there is a certain piece or accessory I want to coordinate into an ensemble.  This evening I wanted to where this hair from Dernier Cri.  Isn’t Dernier Cri awesome?  You can buy a three pack with any color you want.  I spent like 20 minutes figuring out which shade went best with my skins and now I want to show it off with something hip.

Hair Glory

Hair Glory

Showing love to…

Milk Motion skins.  I wanted my makeup to be very naturale.  Alice accents the hair well.

Dernier Cri hairs!  Always great, I picked up three other styles along with this one and I didn’t pick the same shade twice!  Each design is unique and has its own attitude so it’s so awesome you can pick and choose from over 70 shades.

&Bean‘s Rain which is all sorts of hip.  It mixes so many elements into a stylish and fun look.  I slipped this one on along with Maitreya‘s black leggings.

Armidi‘s Dahlia pumps!  A must, especially in cerise (pink)!  I find that a basic design shoes, like simple pumps, in bright colors always takes an outfit to the next level when it comes to style.  You’ll never go wrong with stand-out footwear.

I went all out with my jewelry.  Luc zebra bangle on my left, Shiny Things code armlet on my right, and two necklaces dangling and jangling to the music.  One is Royal Blue‘s stone pendant in gold multi-colored, the other is VintageWear‘s Mixed Tape.  You will be seeing me wearing these a lot this summer!

Now I must rush… I’ve spent so much time getting dressed that I’m going to be late to the clubs!

Review: Forbidden Thorn

I’ve been shopping for new furnishings recently and I wanted something that I would put in my RL flat; modern and colorful with realistic proportions and sculpties.  I had a chance to check out Forbidden Thorn today, and I must say that Xadie Katscher’s furniture debut is a delight!  No less than six designs have been released and for each of them, there are three unique upholstery, wood, and metal finishings.  The most surprising one for me was Fae…

Fae Fun

Fae Fun

For less than L$1000 you can get this whole set, which you can mix and match with the designs, and everything is detachable for optimum layout customization.  The best part is all the seating you can get without all the wasted space!  I almost feel like I’m on a kid’s play-gym and I can see any group of people using this to converse.  I want all my friends to hang out on mine!

Since I am a fashion freak, this is what I’m wearing…

Skin:: Redgrave:: Leona:  pale gold

Lashes:: Cake:: Flutter

Hair:: DeJavu:: Yuria:: beige brown

Outfit:: T&C:: Don’t Be Trashy

Shoes:: Armidi Gisaci:: Vidalia Pump:: Metallic Noir

Necklace #1:: Armidi Limited:: Zimbabwe:: Kiss

Necklace #2:: VintageWear:: Mixed Tape

Earrings:: Shiny Things:: green plastic

Bangle:: Armidi Gisaci:: Healing Giraffe:: pink

Ring #1:: Shiny Things:: Glass Chunk:: Retro green

Ring #2:: Redgrave:: blue sapphire